Important To Know

Anyone can enjoy a Covert Academy class but you should be 18 years of age or older.  Exceptions are made for students under 18 enrolled in a school outside the U.S. or certain high risk areas of the U.S.  All sessions include fun and exciting exercises, intended for educational purposes, however, the subject matter often deals with adult concerns and situations.

There are no physical requirements to any of our courses.  While it is advantageous to be in good shape for any physical activity, Covert Academy class exercises do not involve intense work-outs, strength conditioning or running and jumping.  If you can walk, talk, and think at the same time, you can excel in our sessions.  Individuals with health risks or disabilities should let us know in advance.

Bring writing materials for taking notes.  iPads, tablets, notebook computers, etc. are encouraged for classes.  Cameras and recording devices are prohibited.

Special personal items may be needed for some courses, notification is given in advance for such instances.  Examples of special personal items might be ...

  • Socks and comfortable walking shoes
  • Set of non-essential keys
  • Spare t-shirt, blouse or jacket you don't mind having damaged or possibly torn
  • Hat with a brim
  • Water bottle and energy bar